Final Reflection Paper

As I read about English 315: Digital Writing I was initially intrigued as the class had several forms of techniques that I wanted to acquire. Whether it be how to give commentary on a subject, podcasts, or how to create videos for documentaries I was on board and couldn’t wait to start. I was not sure what to expect, but on thing I did not was the quality of both using Mac Desktops while reading textbooks. However, I had to understand that even though we live in a digital age there will always be a way to have books remain prevalent within the curriculum. These texts that we have used to prove very useful, not only on how to make a clear, cohesive website and documentary, but also they were helpful tools in case I missed something in an educational video. I normally don’t find most books to be enjoyable, but I am pleased to say that the texts we received in class were a brisk read and quite enjoyable.

One of the most impactful lesson I have had within the entire course was how to formulate a group documentary. Not only did it teach me script content, but it also gave me good tips for interviewing people and splicing videos. Creating a long reel was easier than anticipated, but it was just very time consuming as you had to make the video flow along the dialogue of your script and that sometimes is a difficult task within itself. Not to mention making sure you stop at the proper millisecond and not go a touch before nor after as that will throw the entire dynamic off. Not to mention making sure to expand the photos for background music otherwise the viewers would just be facing a blank screen and that would be unprofessional. I had an especially good time learning how to caption videos as they are necessary to explain what is going on in context of the documentary as well as who the people in the video are while staying within the confines of time.

Another aspect about the course I found to be enjoyable was the movie review as it proved to be a delightful challenge for me. I am used to giving commentary on several pieces of items, but I was not used to doing so in a way where you would have to tell the story without telling the story. Meaning, not giving away key plot points in the movie or revealing too much about the character development, and foreshadowing. Listening to the movie reviews on NPR proved to be quite useful as it also gave me tips on how to formulate a script for the movie review. Although, I am good at writing I also needed to be good at speaking which is was an element that I was lacking in as I did not know the proper pacing and diction to prevent my words from slurring. After several tries I was able to speak effectively through my script and meld the separations and breathes when needed.

Lastly, I would like to discuss the effectiveness on the Wikipedia article as it proved to be a rather simple, but noteworthy process. Even while working in a group we still needed to have a minimum of a thousand words each and that still is about four pages if this were a paper. Fortunately, we chose a topic that my group members and I were all mutually passionate about which was Batman: The 12 Cent Adventure. Given the fact that this was a One Shot Comic Book my portion for origin was pretty hard, but it provided implications on how to look for facts and information regarding the comic book company, the series that followed it, as well as the comic book itself; leading into my other section and making the process run smoother. The only difficulty that my group members and I had was adding citations for the reference section since it would not allow us to do so despite multiple tries.

The class proved to be enjoyable and I was delighted to learn many new skills that will carry on into my future career as well as personal aspirations. I am thankful for the professor’s kindness and knowledge of the digital world as I would have been lost without his direction.


This is a reflection on my experience during the course of English 315. It can be accessed by clicking the link below in order for the reading to be easier to breeze through.


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